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Discover Prince Edward Island

Photo credit: Tourism PEI

Journey to an exceptional island vacation destination.

When one thinks of Prince Edward Island, the following things come instantly to mind; Anne of Green Gables, red soil and Canada’s birthplace. The Island is also home to other outstanding attractions, including a coastline consisting of long beaches, dunes, red sandstone cliffs, salt water marshes and a number of bays. Explore PEI’s lush landscape with a handful of countryside adventures and leisurely walks around rural communities, and you’ll discover why PEI is fast becoming a popular destination for relaxation.

Natural Wonders

Canada’s smallest province is known for its exceptional natural beauty. The Island’s landscape is filled with rolling hills, lush forests, reddish-white sand beaches and the notorious red soil. Venture to Basin Head, home to the singing sands. Walk upon the white silica sands and you’ll understand why they are named so. Take a trip to Greenwich and find yourself viewing the most spectacular parabolic sand dune system, along with a variety of birds and rare plants. With such natural wonders, it’s easy to see where Lucy Montgomery drew her inspiration for her classic novel Anne of Green Gables.

Culture & History

Prince Edward Island is Canada’s birthplace. In September 1894, The Charlottetown Conference assembled a group of elected officials, leading to the Articles of Confederation and the creation of Canada. As a result of hosting this inaugural meeting, PEI’s capital city, Charlottetown, features many historical sites and buildings, including Province House, where the Fathers of Confederation first met and Founders Hall, Canada’s birthplace pavilion. The Island also boats a vibrant culture, influenced by the early European settlers. The Celtic, Acadian and Mik’maq heritage and history can be experienced in a variety of ways, including Ceilidhs, meaning party or a good time in Gaelic, and a trip to Gateway Village or the Orwell Corner Historic Village.

Festivals & Events

Explore PEI’s culture and history with a handful of festivals and local events held throughout the year. Sink your teeth in one of the Island’s premiere events, PEI International Shellfish Festival and learn everything you need to know about oyster shucking. Travel to the Evangeline region for a true Acadian cultural experience at the Atlantic Fiddlers Jamboree. Have you ever attended a festival in honour of a potato? The PEI Potato Blossom Festival celebrates anything related to potatoes!

What to do?

PEI’s towns and communities are characterized by an old-world charm and a slower-paced way of life, resulting in the ultimate destination for relaxation. The Island’s outstanding landscape also provides great opportunities for outdoor exploring. The Confederation Trail delivers over 270 kilometres of excellent recreational path, ideal for walking, running or cycling. Enjoy the interpretive trails at the Prince Edward Island National Park while viewing the sand dunes or relax at the beach. Make sure to visit the Rossignol Estate Winery and sample a variety of premium fruit and table wines and enjoy the wonderful selection of folk art and Island paintings and crafts.


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