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Travel packing tips for your vacation

Photo credit: Newfoundland & Labrador Tourism

Understand the science of suitcase packing.

Planning for a vacation can be fun and exciting. Arriving at your vacation destination and realizing you didn’t pack enough or forgot important items, isn’t. To help avoid this situation, read through our short but vital list of packing tips, designed for all types of vacations.

Plan ahead and do your homework

Look into your hotel’s services and basic amenities. Do they have a hairdryer, iron and ironing board, etc? Try to avoid bringing anything bulky that the hotel might already offer.

Check the weather

Only pack what corresponds---do not bring "just in case" clothes.

Don’t pack your whole wardrobe.

Choose a neutral colour, such as brown, black, or tan, and then bring accessories and accent pieces that go with this color palette.

The numbers game.

A good rule of thumb for trips less than one week is one shirt per day, one layering jacket or sweater, one bottom per every two days (but never less than two pairs of pants), no more than two pairs of shoes (one you wear and one you pack), underwear for every day, and seasonal additions, like a bathing suit.

Wash it out.

If you're traveling for more than a week, follow the same numbers as above and plan on washing clothes instead of bringing more. If you're in a country with a good exchange rate, or aren't on a tight budget, take advantage of the hotel laundry service or dry cleaning.

Packing checklist.

Make a list of everything you plan to bring. That way you can easily see if you've allotted six pairs of pants for a four-day trip. Make sure to stick to the list.

Downsize toiletries.

Pick up travel-size versions of your favourite products whenever you see them. If you can't find miniatures, buy small plastic bottles and decant from larger products.

Bulk up

Wear your heaviest shoes, sweater, and jacket. That way, you don't have to pack them.

Pack outside your bag.

Before you actually pack your suitcase, pile everything you plan to bring on your bed or dresser. This is your opportunity to eye your clothes and pull a few more items. Packing directly into your suitcase will tempt you to throw in a few extra items. Once you've made the final edit, pack only what's in front of you.


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