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Children’s Wish Foundation, Big Buses for Little Kids

Making children’s dreams come true, one bus at a time.

Children’s Wish Foundation

The Children’s Wish Foundation is a big organization that helps make even bigger dreams and wishes come true for ill children from around the world. A trip to Disney Land. An evening with their favourite pop star. A special visit from their sports hero. Whatever brings a smile to their faces, the Foundation does everything they can to make it possible. In the year 2005, founder of Ambassatours Gray Line, Dennis Campbell wanted to be part of helping children’s wishes come true. And so was born Big Buses for Little Kids.

The story behind our big heart.

Although its name was unknown at the time, the program took its first steps when Dennis offered to pick up one little girl, Zoe, and her family and drive them to the airport.Children’s Wish Foundation Her wish was to see her pop idol, Hilary Duff. Unfortunately, Dennis was tied up and asked his friend, Dave Thomas to step in. When asked how his day went, Dave exclaimed that he was deeply moved by the experience and even asked to donate his wages to the Children’s Wish Foundation. The wheels were now set in motion and the program was presented to fellow employees. Big Buses for Little Kids now covers between 60 to 70 trips coming out Halifax each year.

In the wee hours of the morning, summer or winter, a driver from Ambassatours Gray Line will wake up and be part of making a child’s wish come true. Imagine their surprise when their very own bus pulls up, complete with comfy seats, movie screens and the whole VIP treatment. To top off this exciting event, they get to sit in the driver’s seat and honk the horn!

Big Buses for Little Kids is now offered in many locations worldwide. Tour operators who wish to be part of the program can contact Dennis at to receive additional information on how to get started.  For more information on this program, please watch the video below.


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