Family Reunion Harbour Hopper Tour

A great addition to your family reunion celebration

Gather your family for an unforgettable adventure on the Halifax Harbour Hopper Tour, offering a unique blend of history, fun, and exclusive family moments. This private, amphibious tour is tailored for your family, allowing everyone to enjoy the city’s rich maritime history and cultural landmarks at a comfortable pace. Your journey begins in downtown Halifax, where you'll board the distinctive Harbour Hopper. As your knowledgeable guide shares fascinating stories, you'll explore iconic sights such as the bustling waterfront and historic properties. The real excitement begins as the Hopper makes a thrilling splash into Halifax Harbour, transitioning from land to water and offering a fresh view of the city. On the water, enjoy panoramic views of the skyline and Atlantic Ocean, perfect for memorable family photos with backdrops like Georges Island and naval ships. This part of the tour provides a rare perspective on Halifax’s scenic beauty and naval heritage. Ideal for families looking to explore and reconnect, this private Harbour Hopper Tour promises an intimate, engaging, and memorable experience, making your family reunion extraordinary and filled with laughter and discovery.

• 55-minute tour (on land & sea)

• Guided commentary

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