Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I book tour tickets?

Tours can be booked one of several ways:

• on this very website by clicking the Book Now tab;

• by calling us at (902) 420-1015;

• at any one of our Halifax waterfront kiosk locations;

• in some cases, tours can be booked with your hotel concierge

What is your refund policy?

Unless otherwise stated, we kindly ask that you provide us with 24-hours notice to cancel a booked tour. We reserve the right to cancel tours due to inclement weather conditions, mechanical or other safety issues. We recommend that you provide both an email address and cell phone number to make it as easy as possible to get in touch with you should we need to alert you to changes with your scheduled tour.

How can I contact your team?

• complete the contact form here;

• call us at (902) 420-1015;

• email us at

• visit us in person (during regular business hours) at 1751 Lower Water St., Halifax, Nova Scotia, B3J 1S5.

Do you have to buy tour tickets for a specific time/day?

We suggest booking in advance for a specific day, time and tour to secure your reservation. No space can be guaranteed without an advance reservation.

Do you accept credit and debit aboard the vessels?

With the exception of the Harbour Hopper, we do accept credit and debit aboard the vessels.

Where can I park or find parking near the Halifax Waterfront or in Downtown Halifax?

There are a number of simple and convenient ways to park on the Halifax waterfront. Learn more here.

Do you have wheelchair accessible tours?

We operate a Harbour Hopper which allows for wheelchair accessibility for one wheelchair per tour. We kindly ask that you contact us 24-48 hours in advance to we ensure the schedule reflects the additional time to load and unload, and that the properly trained staff are on this tour. Please contact us directly with any questions regarding accessibility on the Harbour Hopper at 902-490-8687.

Are dogs or other pets allowed aboard your buses and vessels?

While we do not allow pets or other animals on board, we most certainly do allow trained service and guide dogs on board.

What happen to Murphy's - why do I only see Ambassatours Gray Line listed on the website, online, etc.?

Murphy's the Cable Wharf became part of Ambassatours Gray Line in 2013, Ambassatours Gray Line primarily operating motor coach and sightseeing tours while Murphy's operated tours on the water and amphibious tours. Though the bus division was sold in 2019, Ambassatours Gray Line continued to offer sightseeing tours to Peggy's Cove, Lunenburg and the Annapolis Valley as well as in other parts of Atlantic Canada. All of this while continuing its water and amphibious tours.

What is your privacy policy?

Our privacy policy can be found here.

I'd like to work for Ambassatours Gray Line; are you currently hiring?

Jobs with Ambassatours Gray Line will be listed, and can be applied for, on our Join Our Crew page.

How does the Halifax Experience Pass work?

1. Choose and purchase the pass that best suits your needs. You'll receive the pass by e-mail so keep it handy for attraction check-ins.

2. Decide on the attractions you wish to experience and make a plan. If any participating attractions require a reservation, book ahead.

3. It's time to use your Halifax Experience Pass - enjoy! Reminder, your allotted amount of time begins at the first check-in (24/48-hours).

Where can I eat in Downtown Halifax - near the waterfront?

There are many restaurants and eateries located near or along the waterfront, including:

• Food kiosks in the Salt Yard

• Cable Wharf Kitchen & Patio (located on Cable Wharf)

Pickford & Black

• Restaurants & eateries located in Queens Marque

Waterfront Warehouse

Where can I find quick service or fast-food restaurants on the Halifax Waterfront?

There are several quick service or fast-food restaurants on the Halifax Waterfront. Learn more here.

Where do I board the vessel or bus for my tour or sightseeing experience?

Please see the "Where to board" note listed on the individual Tour or Experience listing for boarding details. There will be a clickable/tappable Google Maps link to the boarding location.

What is there to do on the Halifax Waterfront?

Where do we start? There is so much do to on the Halifax Waterfront. Learn more here.

Is it safe to visit Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia?

Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia is safe to visit - so long as you navigate it safely. Learn more on how to do that, here.

What else is there to see and do in Peggy's Cove, Nova Scotia?

While Peggy's Point lighthouse is the star attraction at Peggy's Cove, there are other things to do and enjoy there during your visit. Learn more here.

Where can I find a hotel near the Halifax Waterfront?

There are several hotels on and near the Halifax Waterfront - some are within walking distance to the water. Learn more here.

Do you still offer the Deep Sea Fishing Tour?

We do indeed! Visit this link to learn more!

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