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Immerse yourself in the rich history of Halifax

Take a guided tour of the historic tunnels and enjoy the scenic views from a new perspective. This unique and limited opportunity will enable visitors to learn more about this hidden gem and the work being done to support future visitation.​

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Georges Island

National Historic Site

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How do I book tour tickets?

Sightseeing tours can be booked one of several ways:

• on this very website by clicking the Reserve Tickets Now tab;

• by calling us at (902) 420-1015;

• at any one of our Halifax waterfront kiosk locations

Do you have to buy tickets for a specific time/day?

We suggest booking in advance for a specific day, time and tour in order to secure your reservation. No space can be guaranteed without an advance booking.

What should I not forget to bring to the island? 

We suggest you bring sturdy footwear (such as sneakers, hiking boots, etc.), sunscreen, hat, water & food (as required).

Are dogs or other pets allowed on board your vessels?

Pets or other animals are not permitted on board the vessel or on the island. However, we most certainly do allow trained service and guide dogs on board.

Can private boats now dock at the Island?

Parts of the new floating docks are signed and accessible to the public for private vessel visits under the free daytime berthing program, or for quick pick up & drop off. For further questions, regarding private vessel access, call marine services directly:  902-229-2628.

How do I get to Georges Island?

Georges Island is located in the middle of Halifax Harbour and can be accessed by vessel departing from the Cable Wharf,1751 Lower Water St. Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.

What if I have a Parks Canada Discovery Pass?

If you book the Discovery Pass Holder Rate, please type your Discovery Pass number in the notes area of your reservation and have your pass available to present to staff when you arrive to board the vesssel.

How do I properly dispose of trash & recycling?

We kindly ask that visitors pack in, pack out.

Is there anything available for sale on the island (such as food & drink)?

No. There isn't anything for sale on the island so please bring food & water (as required). Some food, water and other goods will be available for purchase onboard the vessel.

What facilities are available on the island?

All of the vessels that will be used for this excursion have washrooms 
There are compost toilets available on Georges Island.

How much time should I

spend there?

Our ticket is designed as a flex ticket, allowing you an open-ended return time. You must book a departure time from the Cable Wharf, but your return time can be chosen based on availability for the return boat times. 

Are there washrooms facilities on your vessels and Island?

All of the vessels that will be used for this excursion have washrooms 
There are compost toilets available on Georges Island.

Can I pre-order a a boxed-lunch?

Please call Murphy's Restaurant & Patio at 902-420-1015 to pre-order boxed-lunches.

What is your smoking and alcohol policy?

Smoking and/or vaping of any kind is forbidden on all vessels. It is also forbidden on the island.

How accessible is Georges Island?

Due to COVID-19 there are delays in delivery of accessible gangways / infrastructure and the development of the on-island program is still underway.  As a result, the Georges Island experience for 2020 does not yet meet planned accessibility standards.  All parties are working towards addressing these requirements as a priority and anticipate an  improved program for 2021.  The natural geography of the island and tidal impacts will always pose challenges and we are working hard to mitigate, where practical,  to ensure that Georges Island is an experience that all can enjoy.


COVID-19 and your visit to Georges Island National Historic Site

The health and safety of Canadians, visitors and Parks Canada team members are a top priority. Parks Canada are only opening places and activities where risks can be managed, according to the advice of public health experts. For your safety, at all times, avoid all places, green spaces, day use areas and trails that are closed.

The wearing of masks is mandatory while on board the vessel to Georges Island. Parks Canada strongly encourages all visitors to wear a non-medical mask or face covering when visiting indoor public spaces at any Parks Canada place. The Province of NS requires that masks are mandatory in most indoor public places in Nova Scotia.


For Your Safety
Georges Island is a fortification that features steep masonry walls, surrounded by a ditch up to 9 metres deep. Please do not climb up on the walls or earthworks or out into gun openings.
These areas are especially dangerous when wet. Young children should be under close supervision at all times. Be aware of steep inclines and watch out for low doorways, uneven steps, and floors.



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