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Six Things you NEED to know about the Harbour Hopper Tour

Updated: Nov 14, 2022

The Harbour Hopper Tour is Halifax’s Number #1 Boat Tour and the only local tour that highlights the best of Halifax, on both land and sea! Here are six things you simply must know about the Harbour Hopper Tour:

Photo of the Harbour Hopper in the Halifax Harbour

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1. They're accessible. The Harbour Hopper Tour is proud to include two accessible LARC V Harbour Hopper in its fleet of six. By simply booking 24-hours in advance, the Harbour Hopper Team will ensure that their accessible Harbour Hopper, as well as the mobile wheelchair lift, is available, present and ready to serve.

2. They can be chartered! Imagine, booking a Harbour Hopper for your very own - and yes, it has been done. The LARC V, the vehicle that is the Harbour Hopper, is perfect for anyone planning to stand out from the ordinary, whether used as part of a media launch, transportation for school or wedding groups, family reunions, or other special events, the Harbour Hopper is sure to be a highlight of your private event.

3. The SPLASH! We’re not kidding when we share one of the most exciting parts of the tour – the SPLASH into the Halifax Harbour. After travelling throughout the city, your Hopper Captain will make his or her way to the Halifax harbour

Photo of the Harbour Hopper as it splashes in the Halifax Harbour

4. Rain or Shine. Much like its amphibious counterpart (the frog), the Harbour Hopper is not thwarted by the rain, so our tours take place in rain or shine. Please rest assured that if conditions on the water are not safe, we will cancel a tour immediately (as per item #6 below).

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5. It’s multilingual. In 2019, the Harbour Hopper Tour proudly introduced multi-language capability, a fully digital, easy to use application that provides insight into many notable landmarks and locations in the city. Guests can follow along in one of six languages: French, Mandarin, German, Japanese, Spanish & Italian.

6. Safety First. Safety is the Number One priority at Ambassatours Gray Line and Harbour Hopper Tours so important steps are taken to ensure that everyone’s safety is assured. Steps include inspections by Transport Canada and the Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board, securing full-time LARC V Specialist Mechanics, exercising pre-trip and post-trip checks by the maintenance team as well as the Captains, and more. Please take a moment to watch this Harbour Hopper Safety video and learn how they put the safety of their guests, and their team, FIRST!

Harbour Hopper Captain and Guide running through the safety exercise

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